Real Tea

We are proud to bring you 100 percent natural Chinese tea. With no processing after harvest, grown and cultivated in respect with the environment, Real Tea strives to come back to the basics and present you natural teas of exceptional quality.

White tea

The ''BAI HAO YINZHEN'', also known as « Silver Needles » is produced in the Fujian province. It is the most prestigious variety amongst the white teas.

Black tea

The "Red Mao Feng" is the highest quality tea in the Dian Hong category. Produced in the Yunnan province, it develops a subtle floral and fruity flavor.

Green tea

Green tea, known in China as "Lu Shan Yunwu" is produced in the gardens of Mont Lu Shan in the Jiangxi province. Its peculiar rough leaves shape comes as a result of hand-picking and handling.

Jasmine Green tea

A beautiful combination between green tea from Fujian, which brings softness to the beverage, and the sensitive floral flavor from the jasmine flowers.

Oolong milk

Originally from the mountains of Nantou in the island of Taiwan, Oolong milk is very subtle and mellow without any astringency.

Oolong ginger

Oolong ginger has a unique flavor, starting with a balanced bouquet of leather and tobacco notes, then slowly mellowing away into an intense floral and vanilla body.


This herbal infusion combines the subtlety of Mint and the gentleness of Lemongrass to offer a caffeine free, calming delight to end the evening on a cozy note.


Naturally caffeine free, Verbena infusions are calming and ideal after meals. Its refreshing properties make Verbena the perfect fit for a relaxing break during your day.

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ACCUEILQUI SOMMES-NOUS ?NOTRE PHILOSOPHIENOS THESWhite teaBlack tea Green teaJasmine Green teaOolong MilkOolong GingerLychee Black teaMint/LemongrassVerbena Jeune société genevoise, Real Tea propose du thé real tea, qui ne subit aucune opération après la cueillette. Le thé Real Tea est 100 % naturel. Real Tea Vous offre un service de personnalisation: Vous proposez à vos clients du thé de qualité Real Tea, sous votre propre marque.